CAS Essay

The entire CAS journey has been riveting. The most striking one is obviously my project work which is organizing the entire Surat Ultimate Open(SUO) 2015. The catch was that we wanted to do something completely different, which means more work to get the desired effect.

Another activity that comes into my is Football. Throughout these 2 years of IB, i’ve attended various competitions and have been practicing weekly at last. Football, I have realized is one thing that keeps me sane. With all the deadlines and submissions, some sort of physical exercise keeps me energetic.

I could so easily connect IB learner profiles to the learning from CAS activities, which has helped me in recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, such as:

Risk-taker – when I had to play basketball with an entirely new team and a completely new sport.

Communication – communicating with the team members is important (FS 3/3)

Balance – As I give equal importance to sports and education, it becomes vital that I set a balance in time required for both of them.

One thing I have instilled within me is that you shouldn’t leave a single opportunity to appreciate anyone. What my project work basically taught me that complain about someone person to person, but when you have to appreciate them, do it in front of everyone. This really creates a good impression plus is makes me feel good.

I realize I have become more patient with everything. I was known to be very impatient. But not so anymore. I believe that is because of all the activities that I have done so far.

I faced a lot of difficulties through these activities, however, whenever I needed help with anything there always was someone to guide me the right way. When I was stuck with deciding volunteers for SUO, I had lot of internal problems. I needed someone to help me sort me off.

I found Learning Outcome 6 was the most difficult to achieve which is demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance. However, i was able to achieve that in some of the cases such as when I went to play Subroto cup, Literature fest, Naggar trip, Karma kitchen and VA.

All in all, I’m CAS was there as it gave me an opportunity to explore my potential in various aspects.

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