CAS Essay

All bucked with deadlines and back-to-back submissions, CAS was like a stressbuster for me. The three components of CAS-creativity, activity and service have helped me move out of my comfort zone and try new things everyday.

There are two activities that come to my mind when I recall my journey of CAS. Both the activities have given me different experiences. The first activity is my group project ASTH. ASTH (A Step Towards Humanity) was the first event that was initiated by me. From the planning stage to the execution stage each and everything was done by me and my friends. Even the choreography for all the dances was done by us. We weren’t dependent on anyone for the resources or for the venues where we had to perform. Everything was handled by us and we were solely responsible for our actions and decisions. This made the task a lot more challenging for us. This activity has helped me discover my strengths and hidden talents. Through this activity I have overcome a lot of my fears and have seen myself developing new skills.



A day spend with orphan kids is another activity that comes to my mind when I think about CAS and the reason behind this is this day made me realizes what true happiness is , what inner satisfaction is and how we should be content with all that we have. When I spent time with those children and saw their faces light up with smiles , it made me  realize what it is to be someone else’s sunshine.

Initially when CAS was introduced to me it felt like an additional burden with all the studies. However, when I started taking up leadership roles with each activity CAS seemed to be more and more interesting. Apart from being a risk taker, balanced and caring the major skill that I have developed through CAS is time management skills.



Overall CAS has been an amazing experience for me and I would love to carry out more such activities if time permits.

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