We were required to reads books in grade 11 but then later it was not mandatory. However, I decided complete this task. My language teacher helped to decide books to read according my capabilities.
I am never good English language as whole. I am specifically weak in communicating skills. This activity has been very fruitful for me. I have significantly improved my reading speed. I have also improved fluency while speaking.
I never read a book completely. It is really difficult for me to commit to something I have never done. It was very challenging to take out time to read. I had to finish reading before exams starts. I have fulfilled my goal. It was difficult to take out time to read when you have to study.
However, I was committed to completing at least 5 books in a year. Which is a big deal to me because I have never completed single book. I remained committed to this goal and completed all 5 books. I was motivated to complete reading this books because of benefits it can do to me.
I did read all the books and not just started reading it and then dropped or read the summary or anything. I was frustrated in the midway because I had other work to do and wanted to read the summary instead of reading the books completely.


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