Clay Modelling class

Something that I thought that I’d never do is, teach a class. Standing up in front of everyone, expecting you to teach them something worth their while. This activity required me to teach a class of underprivileged children ranging from age of 7 to 17 years. Catering to each student according to their maturity level was difficult. One of the other problems that I identified was that there would be a language barrier. Teaching what I have learnt in English in a local language would be a task. This activity collectively taught me how to handle attention, how to interact with each and every student and make them feel comfortable to create a healthy learning environment.

There are certain responsibilities that come along when you teach a class. There are certain ethics that need to be taken into consideration, such as not passing on knowledge that is incorrect. To make sure that I taught the class the right things, I had to prepare myself. I started brushing up my knowledge regarding clay modelling such as, the different techniques used or how to use tools.

Another skill that I learnt was to coordinate with my peer mentor. I realised that working collaboratively and dividing work made things a lot easier and smooth. What I realized is that when these children utilize their time for such extra-curricular activities, they learn new skills, which might give them a productive way to pass their time, probably keeping them away from bad influences such as drug abuse.

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