Cas essay

There are two activities which I enjoyed doing the most. Those are playing soccer and plantation. I am passionate about soccer. What I liked the most about soccer this academic year is that I was able to play at state level. According to me I played reasonably well. We even reached till semi-finals but lost to a club team so we came 3. After evaluating my game I can say I have developed my game to adapt the requirement of my team. However, Plantation has also been one of the important activity during this year.
I never thought I would enjoy doing it. I wanted to plant trees because it would be count in CAS but I didn’t think I would develop my interest in planting trees therefore I did my cas project on plantation as well.

I have learned many things from CAS such as taking responsibility, being patience and many more skills. I have also learned to be inquirer, thinkers, communicator, being knowledgeable and open-minded. Through my cas project I have learned to take responsibility and communicating with people in order to find resources for plantation, being knowledgeable about techniques of planting and being open to my partners perspective. I have used this learner profile in activities as well such as being patient and taking responsibility in soccer
and other activities.

Cooperation leads to less effort but more quality and faster result. I can handle pressure at taking responsibility. However, I am not very fruitful with my work because of my lack of communication skills and leadership skills. I do not indulge in activities out of my comfort zone. There were activities which required you to have communication and leadership skills. Although, my as project required the most of this two. I struggled in conveying the idea to my teammates but I managed. I was satisfied with my performance. I still have time to sharpen my communication and leadership skills.

We have faced difficulty in finding resources for plantation, so particularly we had difficulty in finding seeds and soil, however we knew few people who could help us find it and who worked for nursery. In the past two years, I have attended lot of football tournaments which gave experience if I ever want to pursue my careers in soccer. I can perform task efficiently if it required cooperation. However, I need to learn to execute task which require solo efforts.

The learning outcome 3, Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience, was difficult to achieve because I have never initiate in any activities. I usually never take responsibility about anything therefore I struggled achieving this particular learning outcome. Communication skills that I require to develop is what made me struggle in demonstrating learning outcome 3 effectively. However, I will continue indulging
in activities which improve my skills such as communication, leadership and many more. I will be initiating to organise activities in future.

Of course, I want to keep planting trees and helping those in need. I am very proactive about dominating my time to those in need. I will continue indulging in activities that have greater cause to helping people and nature. Overall, Cas have been very significant part on student’s life.

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