@Make a Difference!! 2016

Our school is the only school which give admission to specially abled kids. I am really proud about it. We are always taught to accept them in the society and instead making the feel different we should treat them as one of us. I img_6593really care and believe that this message should be spread to other people. For that I participated in a social service and had gone to a school named Shree Nandan.
I decided to spending the whole with this specially abled kids. Our job in their was to spent time, make them laugh, make them feel special by giving attention to them. First I was given two kids to timg_6585ake care of and than we have to rotate. When I had introduced myself to them they were quite awkward with me at the starting and that created the difficulty. I had to make sure that I am making them feel comfortable. I have to keep talking to them, ask many question identify what they like and what they want. Because of lack of conversation I wasn’t able to understand what they want or what they want to do. My friend however already know them so she helped in understanding them. I decided not to give up that easily, and try more harder. I was glad that once the time spent they were also really comfortable with me. They initiated talking and playing with me. Than we had a blast. I realised that if I want to bring a smile I have to appreciate them even in the small things they do. While doing the img_6586activities and this service I realised, that they are really special. They are people who requires love to get better. Also, I have taken care of the ethical consideration when comes to not hurting one’s sentiments as well as physically. 
At the end we also have to dance for  them and with them. We danced the way they danced and that was something which made them aware that we all are same. While ending up the session, they want that we come and meet them and don’t forget them. This was the first service which actually made me realise that I am doing something to make a difference.

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