Football Subroto States_7/9/15

We had finally made our way to State Level. The districts more than a month ago. We had to practise hard for the tournament to keep our record of being the state champions on. Also, this was the last subroto cup we will be playing as Team because of age limitations. We had plenty of time to practise for the tournament and make ourselves ready for the state level competition. Due to a lot circumstances and limitations, we could get into practise more often. Extra practises got irregular, team practises rarely happened as some of us play multiple sports and their competition were also scheduled during this time period. Some of the senior players backed out due to their circumstances. Our spirits were down already. The dates did not come when they were supposed to and got delayed. Just 3 days before the tournament, we came to know about it. We were still a little confident because we were playing on this level from past 3 years and had plenty of experience. So, we made up till the Finals in tournament but could not be the champions. And that was the time when we learnt the significance of hard work. Apart from what happened and the reasons we lost, there is one lesson which Subroto Cup taught us was Team Work. It taught us the significance of teamwork and coordination. It made us understand that Football is all about synergy, it is all about how well you can play with your own team members. As it is correctly said “We win as a team, We lose as a team.” Football being a team game, every small or big effort made by  anybody makes a difference. Every single shot, tackle or defence done by anyone of us helped the team. I figured out that I was pretty comfortable playing any position given to me except the goalkeeper. I played the position according to our situation in the match. Sometimes, defence, midfield or striker. The efforts that I made for team made me realise my significance, it made me realise that I was an integral part of the team. Not only me, but all of us played keeping all the fouls and violations in mind. Though sometimes we thought that the referee was biased, we still controlled our emotions and proved ourselves by playing our natural game. Though the opponent team violated the rules and tried making us injured, we controlled our anger and followed the ethics of the game. Though we get angry or aggressive but we don’t become violent in the game.  Overall I am glad that I participated in this tournament and took this up as a CAS activity. I grew as a person, I realised a lot of things which I couldn’t have realised elsewhere.

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