@SUO 2015

This is Surat Ultimate organization 2015. A open- Frisbee sports event. It  is one of the school event. I volunteered in this event. I decided to be the head of the food department. Here my job was to plan and manage the meals of the event. I actually initiated as head alone for the first time. In this job, I had no partner as head nor volunteers under me. The reason of participating in this event was to take this as challenge and handle one department alone. I wanted to make the food conditions better than past year and memorable as well.
The event was there for two days. While planning the food I needed to make sure about few requirements of keeping food healthy, filling and as tasty as possible. The players should not feel sleepy. So I needed to take care about the food items I am deciding. In the planning process I was only told that I have to plan for three meal each day. I personally felt that for the players three meal are not enough. So, I decided to talk about this with the event planner. After the discussion I was glad that they considered my point and I was able to convince them about why is it important to add one more meal between lunch and dinner which is a high tea.
After the planning and finalising the food items. My most of the work was on day which was about taking care that food is reached on screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-11-46-31-amtime at all the three grounds (which were at different places). I completed my task alone and it head no issues on day and off day. After this event I was convinced that I can handle the job alone and complete the responsibility. I was glad at the end that I completed my job very well, was appraised by event head as well as the school head.

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