The CAS Journey

‘Experience’ is the first word which strikes my mind every time someone asks what’s CAS all about. One can only value CAS after he/she completes the criteria. That is the reason CAS has been one of the most important component of the IB curriculum. My CAS journey will play a very vital role behind getting my life lessons. Almost all the activities have been prominent experiences but I believe Farewell, my CAS project will always be that extra special and memorable activity. This activity was an event where my friend and I were the organizers. I initiated for this event because it was planned for our seniors. That’s how one emotional factor always play a role behind this activity being extra special. This event have taught me a lot of things. It helped me to realise my strength and weakness in better way and had helped me to developed as a person. Also, it has been one of those event where my work was appreciated a lot and my talent was visible to others.

As mentioned CAS is all about experiences. These experiences were the once which actually helped me to face the real world, apply the knowledge learnt and to understand myself in a better way. Almost every activity have led me to have deep thoughts whether about myself and about the activity’s pros, cons and learnings. I have started being more reflective. For example when we had gone or activities such as Football I realised how important it is to co-ordinate and play with cool mind in the field. Volunteering or being a head of some events helped to understand how to manage things. Where else plantation helped me to realise that education is not worth until you can make your world better. With time, I also realised the value of time. I understood that I need to balance everything. I took time and a lot of efforts to make things better and better. Especially the balance with the extra activities like camps and studying effectively. CAS was the teacher of all the things. It helped in just not acquiring the knowledge but also in applying the knowledge. For example applying the planning and finance from the subject business management in the process of events. These made us understand the limitations and flaws of our knowledge about the topics/ subjects. I personally believed that I can found that as a person I have become a more of open-minded and a better communicator. I was good in communicating ideas and plan to the ones I already know. Later few activities required sponsorships, like FSMUN 3.0 here I learned to communicate with the ones whom I don’t know. I fumbled less and developed the etiquettes needed in my communications. There are many small things which were learnt in this journey and am sure will help me in future.

I often have to think when someone asks me about myself. The journey of CAS helped me to identify my abilities. In Teacher’s Day planning, I realised that I am able to persuade or convince people. I found that I can identify the techniques or the way I could make them work. Also, I got know that I have the capability to manage and work under pressure. After this event in around fifteen days we were gonna have our terminals. So, people were not interested in participation or volunteering for this event but after a lot of  motivation I persuaded the grade to participate in the event and the evnt gt successfull with a lot of team efforts. It also helped me to understand and identify my values. After playing football games, I have learned that playing ethically is itself an achievement whether you win or lose the game. The games taught us about sportsmanship, about leaving the field after shaking the hand with opposite team even after losing the match. Or whether it is about understanding the importance of giving good quality food or material to customers according the payment they gave for the events like FSMUN or SUO or Farewell or organized.

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