Farewell for seniors

In 2016 first ever batch of our school was about to graduate. Two of my class mate decided to organise farewell for our seniors. I took part in volunteering for farewell for seniors. We decided to organise farewell for now formal grade 12. I volunteered for dance, a small movie and also decorating the venue. All the dance members were required to choreograph the dance sequence of the farewell. As there was less time, the choreography was modified during rehearsals by two of the dance members which had experience in dancing. Acting is not my cup of tea, even though I successfully took leading role in one of the scene. I was satisfied with my performance.
We did take out time for practising the dance. We were also able to finish the movie which we made for the formal grade 12 in time. I like dancing therefore I was very excited to learn it at the first place. We recorded scenes that replicated grade 12 behaviour during their schooling years.
We had very less time for working and practising due to our grade 11 final exam were close.
However, we were able to execute the plan successfully by working in a team. Collaboration lead to more creativity. The decoration was on going till the last second of the starting of the farewell. The overall experience was very upbeat. Everybody enjoyed their time.

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