Nursery for school

I always enjoy planting trees. Two of my friends and I decided to build a nursery in our own school. We have become a role model for younger children to respect nature.
I had lot more experience in plantation than any of my partners. I have been part of football team and it is possible for me to carry out this activity for the longer amount time. Strength wise I was very confident. I knew how capable I am.
The most challenging part was to planting huge number of trees. Filling soil in a bag was very challenging. It does not have equipment that make it is easier. It required only man-power. It was very tiring. We were not professional therefore it took lot of time to fill up the bags.
Planning was pretty easy and quick. We had planed the number of bags filled on each day and how many bag will contain same seeds. Initiating was much more difficult than planning. Planning required only three of us. It got difficult when other people got involved. Which taught me the intensity of patience that I have handle. There was difficulty in decide time when we can do this but then we decided to work regular early during the weekdays.
It tested our patience. Waking up early was not my cup of tea specially in winter. With lack of voluntarily participants we were suppose to work even harder than what we had expected to work. According to the plan, all three of us had come regularly even though few volunteer do not appear.
The goal was big so we needed lot of human help. We definitely had to work as a team. We anyway had less time to complete the project. Working as a team was easy and faster. I worked with one of the volunteer to work faster. One of us would hold the bag and other would fill it with the soil which has definitely quicker than individually filling the bags. I believe it is every individualist responsibility to contribute to nature.
Plants and trees have always been significant part of human being. Unknowingly they play big role in keeping humans alive. With growing population we are creating space for new generation. It is part of civilisation. However, we are not realising that cutting trees can be dangerous for future generations.
We had to make sure we complete our task according to our plan. We were suppose to fill bags completely. There were times when I thought about filling bags with quarter left to fill but I had to fully committed to therefore I did completely filled all the bags and even made sure everybody fills their bags completely too.

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