Surat Student Parliament

The Surat student parliament was an initiative taken by a group of college students from Ahmedabad. This was a simulation of how the  Indian parliament works to give a student an opportunity to understand its functions and importance. I was a part of the media managers and my responsibility was to cover the happenings of the event.The learning outcomes that I achieved are:

L1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth: I found out that noting down the information as to what was happening during the event was my strong suite, however, I realized that I could improve my writing skills to clearly express what I learned.

L4-commitment to and perseverance: I sat through all the committee sessions, listening to them carefully and making sure to add every important detail of the occurrences.

L5-. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively: I worked with all the other media managers to identify a story and effectively present it.

L6-engagement with issues of global significance: We wrote about current issues going around the country.



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