Activity 3: Arts Fest

Arts Fest, that was held on the 22nd and 23rd August 2015 at Fountainhead School, is a combination of events that are included in Art. There were multiple sub-events that happened in categories like Music, Dance, Visual Arts and Drama.

Dance events: Stomp, Folk Contemporary, Western, Classical, Fusion and Classical Ballet

Music events: Vocals (Solo), Group Singing (Sugam Sangeet), Instrumental (Solo-Rhythmic), Instrumental (Solo-Melodic), Live Band.

Drama events: Mime, Street play, Musical, General Drama, Monologue, Skit, Puppetry, Script writing, elocution and improvisation, Stand up comedy.

Visual Arts: Live drawing (Still life), Mehendi, Rangoli, Thali/Pot decoration, Best out of Waste, Bouquet making, Salad decoration, Photography, Quelling, Toy making (clay), Calligraphy, Big Picture, Drawing and Painting, Short Film.

I, Event Organiser, was given the responsibility to manage all the events of Dance and Visual Arts. Tiruja, my co-partner was given the responsibility of Music and Drama.

My aims for the event were:

  • Learn how to plan, organize and conduct an event
  • Learn to prioritise work
  • Develop Time-Management skills
  • Synergize effectively with Segment Coordinators

During that time, I was ill. I was infected with viral, and due to constant fever, I wasn’t feeling my very best. However, I learned how to give my best no matter however the circumstances are. Another challenging task was to make the schedule of how the events will be scheduled, and what is the tentative time that each sub-event will take considering the number of participants in that particular sub-event. Another challenge was to have meeting with all the co-ordinators, as all the students have different class timings because of different grades. Often times, only half of the people showed up in the meeting. IT was disappointing as well as difficult to then convey the decisions to the members who couldn’t attend the meeting. Therefore,¬†I can say that I have had the courage to accept new challenges and face them proactively.

I would like to evaluate myself. I can say that I have identified my own strengths. I’ve had the opportunity to organise an event for the first time in grade 11. This opportunity generated a positive energy in me towards organising more events. I’ve learned how much imperative it is to plan the event effectively, and how much determination, team work, collaboration with every team member, fairness, optimism and commitment is needed to make such a huge activity¬†successful. Being fair to each volunteer is very important otherwise the event may fail. By keeping my ethics in mind, I patiently listened to all volunteers and paid attention to their work calmly.

To sum up, I would like to say that it was a remarkable event that helped me learn lessons that will help me all my life.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 7.25.09 pm

Appreciation on behalf of Pankti Chauhan (Teacher)


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