Organising and conducting the Maths Science Trivia

This event was an initiative by our school where our Math and Science teachers gave us various responsibilities and helped us conduct the event for Grade 9 & 10. The event included a preliminary round and a final round. The final round consisted of a complete presentation showing all the distinct rounds.

The number of questions that had to be made for Mathematics and Science was appalling. As the event coordinators and the hosts, we had tons of responsibilities. I’d anticipated that making all the questions would be the toughest part, but we figured out that if everyone put in the required amount of hard work, there would be no problem. However, making questions turned out to be the least of our worries. There was an extreme lack of coordination between us, and no one was ready to give up time for the event.

We kept procrastinating, and the result was that just two days before the trivia, the questions were in an abysmal condition. There were repetitive questions, and everything was extremely unorganised. But then final two days of hard work and dedication helped us make the event a great success. Working with this team also made us realise that while organising events such like these, things don’t often go the way we want them to, however, it also taught us the importance of other people’s opinion over ours and how our personal thoughts can be relatively narrow and a 2nd perspective can broaden our points of view and help us make and event better and more enjoyable.


The trivia proved to be an enormous challenge. The audience was uncontrollable, but the event went on smoothly in the end. Working for the event in the last minute taught me how to handle last minute crisis like taking preventive measures for the audience to keep them from prompting and keeping an extra stopwatch if the first one was too stop woking at the end moment. It also taught me how to function well under stressful conditions with a team.

Not being partial towards people belonging to my house or my friends was the ethical consideration I kept in mind throughout I did this by not giving them easier questions or more time to answer than the rest. This event helped me take a step forward in getting over my fear of stage speaking. Conducting the event along with my team gave me a feeling of triumph and its success was heartfelt. After the event, the audience and teachers appreciated our efforts. Overall, I’m glad the I got such a great opportunity to organize this event and was able to make it entertaining and enjoyable.DSCN0363

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