Reflection on Plantation

This was our first trip of the year. Moreover, this was the first time that I would have been doing plantation. I was really excited about it. The place where we went was Janki Van which is a new botanical garden in Vasada. The motto behind this activity was to plant more trees and save the environment. I felt really obliged to get the opportunity to help the workers out there who plant a number trees every day to make sure that in future people have a place for leisure and face no problems. We were given different tasks which we had to complete in a team. These tasks involved planting, digging the ground and moving plants from the truck to the ground. I was very skeptical about doing these tasks as I had never done them before. These activities seemed to be boring at first however when we actually started doing it, it was fun irrespective of that it was extremely tiring under the hot sun. We had 15 members in each group. To complete our work faster than the other groups we mutually decided and divided the tasks which made our work easier. All of these activities involved synergy. Working collaboratively helped us complete our tasks faster after which instead of sitting ideally and passing our time chit chatting we did extra work, which helped the workers and this involvement by us made them happy as they could see our dedication. By interacting with workers, we got to know a lot about plants. It was a lot of fun in helping them and gaining knowledge at the same time. They also shared their experiences of working under the sun every day and how planting gave them happiness. They were really happy seeing us over there helping them and so were we. Workers over there were really friendly, they taught us everything very patiently from techniques of planting to how to plant actually. They did not lose their temper at any point even when we were unable to do it or we made mistakes while doing it. I felt good to have grabbed this opportunity because this was the first social service I did with all my willingness and putting in all my efforts. The practical experience taught me of working in a team enthusiastically and how our little efforts can have a huge impact on the environment and eventually result in a good cause. The ethical implications that were related to this activity involved working properly in the correct manner and respecting the workers as well as their work. I felt a sense of pleasure after we completed this activity as all of us were successful in planting a lot of trees collectively for the betterment of the society.


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