Reflection 5 (Naggar trip)

I perceived this trip as very adventurous and also one of the most enjoyable trips because I travelled this beautiful Naggar with my friends and teachers. The place where we stayed did also possess numerous stories of ancient times. The beauty of snow in Manali added up the enthusiasm and fun we had. However, the thing which might have terrified me before going here was the cold weather. Although after going there, chillness didn’t bother me as I wore layers of clothes, and thus I could do activities with a lot of ease. Furthermore, exploring different ancient temples and paintings made us know about the existence of creativity in those times.
While this trip I could identify a strength of mine that I could easily trek for 2-3 hours without any hesitation which really helped me on this trip. However, my laziness at morning while waking, restricted me to be on time for distinct activities. It is a great frailty on which I need to work upon in order to use time effectively. Waking late restricted me to be on time for distinct activities. It is a great frailty on which I need to work upon in order to use time effectively.

Skiing was one of the greatest challenges for all of us. Skiing was something we don’t do it customarily which made us uncomfortable. However, the expertise provided by them made me and my friends do a very good job in skiing which made this trip more interesting and adventurous.

As we were 30 people travelling together, we needed to make sure that we needed to work with a lot of coordination and without any conflicts among us. Keeping this in mind, we coordinated and adjusted with each other while travelling by bus and train, while choosing rooms for staying etc. This really helped all of us to stay peacefully. Moreover, there were some places where the Jain food available was very limited. So the four students who were Jain including me needed to share the limited food available there.
Furthermore, the main focus of this trip was to enjoy the nature and treks. So it was compulsory to stay away from gadgets and, therefore, our school didn’t allow us to bring any type of gadgets especially, mobiles. So in order to accord with credos of school, I didn’t bring mobile and enjoyed the beauty of nature. Additionally, I also did not throw any type of plastic garbage on the road in Himachal Pradesh as it is strictly prohibited. It helped me to save the nature.
Overall, this trip was a great success because due to this activity I could identify my numerous strengths and some weaknesses to work upon. I could also get an opportunity to know local people of Naggar and their lifestyles.


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1. Enjoying with friends in Naggar

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