Reflection on learning Javascript.

I learned the Javascript, which is a programming language through an online learning website – “” . I believe coding and programming are going to be very important skills in the future, which is why I decided to take initiative to learn a programming language.

I was inspired to undertake this activity partially because of the motivating quotes about coding and programming in my school and partially because of my own interest of creating games and applications.

While learning on the online website, I felt really proud of myself as I was doing something which would be beneficial for me in the future. Not only this, I was also always very excited to discover what the online course had for me next. In the process of taking this online course I developed new skills of programming and also gained knowledge about how programming is used in a variety of fields not narrowed down to IT.

This activity held an emotional relevance to me because I soon realized that this was only a step stone to my future in programming. It opened my eyes to the exciting challenges and life long learning. Coding and programming did not only help me in its field but also improved my concentration level and problem solving skills.

There were times when it really got difficult to cope because as it was an online course and also it was a completely new concept that I was taught. Thus, I had no such support in form of a mentor teacher who is physically present to solve any of my query. However, knowing how beneficial this course was to me and my future, I continued looking for answers on the internet and learning the most I could without giving up.

After having completed this course, I decided to take my learning to a new level by using Javascript in game designing.









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