Ndtv Workshop

I had attended the NDTV school TV workshop which was an engaging and fun learning experience.The workshop was  a 3 day workshop. Where in we were divided into groups and were taught the skills of movie making ( photography,videography,editing , compiling) and then were further asked to produce a short film of our own. During the course of the workshop I Identified my own strengths and developed on my areas of growth by means of learning new skills and improving on previously possessed skills.Also my areas of strength were further identified while we entered the movie making process as I then clearly understood where I stand in a variety of areas. However I faced many challenges when I had to edit the video as that was a new skill and I had never worked with high tech editing softwares. I have always been with the camera and hence it was a challenge for me to leave my comfort and work with the computer.Also one major thing that i learnt was the commitment and collaboration are the 2 main keys to the making of any movie.Commitment because one cannot just leave the movie whenever they feel like, and also that one has to do a scene as many times ( retakes ) as required and not be reluctant to not doing them . Also collaboration because even a small difference in  the coordination and teamwork of the crew can lead to a disastrous movie. Furthermore   I also understood the ethical implications that need to be kept in mind while a movie is being made as it should not hurt the sentiments of any person living or alive as then it can lead to huge controversies.This workshop based on creative aspects not only gave me a  lot of new skills  but also taught me life long learnings.

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