Trek to Salher Fort at midnight

I am really fond of trekking. After days of studying, I thought of going for a weekend trek because trekking helps me in reducing the stress of studies. I went to a trek on one of the highest peaks of Maharashtra. It was a night trek to the top of a mountain range called Sahyidris, the mountain which we climbed was called Salher Fort. The treks which I had done before were approximately of 5 to 6 km a day, I had trekked through Jungles and Icy hills but this trek was difficult because the mountain was once a fort, it was too steep to climb straight so we had to take different route which was by going around the mountain to reach the top. I had to climb without taking  I had some difficulties while climbing because once we reached the midway to the mountain, there were vertical stairs which we had to climb and they were too steep and slippery. We stayed in caves overnight. We carried potatoes, Maggi packets, water and Sweet potatoes with us as our meal. We were split into 2 teams, 1 team carried the items for our meals and the other team collected broken tree branches and sticks which we used for a bonfire and cooking our meals. As the mountain was a historically rich place so we had to make sure that we don’t pollute it by throwing things around the cave and temple. I and some of my friends split from the team and made sure that other trekkers didn’t pollute the mountain, we collected the garbage in a garbage bag and then threw the garbage in a garbage container located 3 or 4 km far from the mountain.20151220_094526 20151220_094535 IMG_0610 IMG_0488

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