FSMUN 2.0_28-29/11/15

After a grand Success of first edition of FSMUN, that is the Fountainhead School Model United Nations, FSMUN 2.0 is back. I was the OC Head for Utilities last year and took up the same responsibility as I recognized it to be developed strength in organising department.

There were some changes in the responsibilities this time. A significant change for me was that this time I had to share my OC Head position with my friend. Both of us, had to work together with more responsibilities. Our goal was to buy the best quality stationery for people participating in the minimal amount of money. Second goal was to make our work as organised as possible in order to save time and make it easier for the logistics and the registration team to do their jobs. I have always been someone who finds ways to keep things very simple. I thought using same skills here to make our work easy. The preparations started 3-4 months before the event.

Both of us, the Utilities OC Heads, divided our work to meet all the deadlines. The director and the secretary general seemed to be happy with our work as we were committed and finished all our work with our efforts and passion. We sacrificed our holiday to finish extra work and help other departments too. It was a good opportunity for me to get exposure of different departments. As I already had experience of my own CAS Project work, I gave suggestions and my own inputs in order to help the OC and also for the betterment of the event as a whole.

We, the whole OC faced challenges like having less count of delegates than expected, crisis in food. I tried my best not to have challenges in my department and make everything go smoothly. As I enjoyed the responsibility given to me, I was ready to do more and more work than assigned. Ultimately, enjoying your duty is what that matters. Then I made a whole CODE SYSTEM to code all the folder and the delegates in order to give them the stationary material as soon as possible when the registrations happen on that day. I learnt different techniques to keep the documents and stationery organised and easy to manage. The code system was not so much complicated so as to the volunteers could manage it pretty well. There were a lot of delegates who did not turn on that day, and to keep the event and the debate going, we had persuade people in the OC to participate for the betterment of the event. That was the  challenges that we faced of having less people contributing than expected, I developed persuasive skills in order to persuade people to contribute. Not only on that day, but also while promoting this event and asking people to participate, i built that skill.

Overall, FSMUN 2.0 was a great experience for me and I wish to take part in it next year as well to develop and more and more.



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