Vansda trip- Jaanki vann

We went on a trip to Vansda where we had to plant trees. This was our first CAS trip. Jaanki vann was a governmental project, the project was to build a botanical garden and we got the opportunity to work with workers by planting trees. We were a total of 30 students, we were split into 2 groups (15 members in each). Both the groups were assigned different areas where they had to plant trees. In each group further they were assigned different jobs like carrying plants to the location where they had to be planted, digging spaces for the plants, burying the plants, etc. My job was to carry plants to the location where they had to be planted. At first, I was very excited and thought it would be an easy task to carry plants and will be able to complete the task in a handful of minutes, but it was not easy and nor could be done in a handful of minutes. My team then came up with a strategy. Our strategy was:3 to 4 people will bring the all the plants which were to be planted by us. 4 to 5 people started digging and the other people started planting the trees.Then those 3 or 4 people(who carried the plants) will work with others in burying the plants. By this, we didn’t only save the time but also learnt how to work collaboratively. If we would have brought the plants turn by turn (according to the needs) then that would have become hectic and unmanageable because we wouldn’t be doing the activity by planning. The workers there were really friendly, they didn’t even get angry if we mistakenly stepped on a plant or when we disturbed piles of dirt. We had to take decisions carefully because, in some of our decisions, 1 mistake could disturb/ruin the whole work which we did. We often dug holes to collect dirt for burying plants and that resulted in unevenly scaled land, so if we would have dug the holes properly for the plants (to bury them), we could have saved a lot of time and it wouldn’t have resulted in excess amount of unwanted dirt or unevenly scaled land. The social service which we did was connected to a issue of Global significance because all of us use a lot of tree-based resources (which includes newspapers, books, notebooks, textbooks, journals, paper bags(which are not made of recycled paper), wooden crafts, etc.) and that results in a lot of trees being cut down, this social service helped me by not only understand the importance of trees but also helped me by knowing about different types of plants and trees, where they grow, if they grow any fruits or not and much more knowledge. DSCN2463 DSCN2465

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