ISA French Fest- Only for the love of languages”


We went for a French competition at ISA (International School of Aamby), Aamby Valley. It was a great experience for me. My job was to create the presentation for our Francophone country which was Belgium. The presentation mainly had to include the famous cuisines and cuisines which originate from Belgium. By making the presentation I improved my vocabulary because we had recently completed the chapter of food, by making the presentation I learnt new grammer, conjugation, vocabulary and sentence structure by writing and reading in French. It was approximately 7 months since we were learning French so I didn’t know how to frame long sentences in French and that was a drawback for us. We had to engage ourselves in the French language because it was a tought subject and it was our first year of French so we had to update ourselves so that we don’t commit any critical mistakes in the Fest which would bring our whole French team down. We were running short on time for the presentation because we were given our country just 1 week before the competition so we had to come up with ideas immediately and execute them as early as possible. At first we had thought that we will decorate our stall as a Belgium Embassy but we couldn’t do that due to lack of resources and at the end we thought of making the stall look as a Restaurant where a quiz will happen, the menu was designed as a sort of question card, after each question announced anyone sitting on the table has to raise his/her hand and answer the question. For designing the stall as a restaurant we wasted a lot of resources, those resources could have been saved if we would have had a concrete idea to decorate the stall. We had a total of 2 to 3 hours to decorate the stall so doing it batchwise was practically impossible so we split ourselves into 4 teams, 1st team was handling the Arts section (Create posters, color flag, etc.), 2nd team was arranging the tables and stall according to a restaurant, 3rd team was decorating the walls of the classroom and 4th team was designing the food menus and searching for music played in Belgian restaurants. By this we learnt how to save time, increase leadership skills and work colloboratively to enhance the outcome which was/can be achieved. After the completition of this Fest, I learnt that my skills are in executing plans which are changed at last moment. From my experience I learnt that one must keep engaging in the French language to improve their language skills, communicating skills and analysing skills.

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