Naggar trip

It was one of the best treks I have ever done. I have done a lot of treks and participated in many adventurous activities in the past but this trip was totally different. I participated in new activities such as Skiing, Tube ride, etc.

The main aim to visit Naggar was not to enjoy with Friends and click photos, my main aim was to explore the rich culture and background of Naggar. We went to various different places such as Nicholas Roerich art gallery where we explored paintings done by none other than Nicholas Roerich, We even explored his whole house, his room, his house’s interiors and much more.

Before the trip, I had made some promises to myself which were:

1: I will not pollute the beauty of such a historically rich place.

2: I will not violate any of the rules and religious beliefs of the people living nearby.

I indeed had some issues while buying things and carrying them because in my home town, we get plastic bags along with the products bought but in North India’s Himachal Pradesh, the government has kept a ban on giving plastic bags to carry things which indeed troubled a bit to me because I was not used to it but eventually I got used to it. Since then I had promised myself not to carry any plastic bag, it eventually ends up choking sea animals or domestic animals such as Cows, Buffaloes, etc.

I faced quite some issues:

My jacket was not in a good condition so I had to wear wind cheater throughout the trip which really tensed me because wind cheater is not as insulating as a jacket is, I was freezing through half of the trip until I got to know that rooms will be having heaters and luckily I had enough cash to buy myself a new Jacket from a nearby store in Naggar.

Because we were going during the time when temperature are the lowest, I had to make sure that I carry good gloves so that my hands don’t get numb and had to make sure that my shoes were water repellent so that my feet remain protected from the snow and cold flooring all the time.

Overall, the trip was another fun yet knowledgeable trek experience for me, visiting temples, markets and art galleries fulfilled 3 main aspects off my “perfect trek criteria” and the most amazing thing was THE AWESOME YET ALLURING VIEW FROM THE HOTEL. I love photography, in fact I want to make it my career so it was a great experience for me to visit such an awesome place and click photos for my Portfolio.


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