CAS Reflection – Vocals.

Although I was never very fond of singing, I still decided to take Vocals for my Arts Special classes. I learned vocals over a course of one year. Sometimes we even had to attend extra classes for vocals, so we had to come early to school and practise in our free slots too. Not only this, near the end of the course, we even had to skip our studying slots, to practice vocals. I felt rejuvenated when I used to take a break from studies and went for my Arts Special classes.

I learned a lot of things related to singing while attending this classes. Particularly I learnt singing at different scales and singing in harmony. Singing also helped me boost my confidence. It even helped me increase my team building skills as the final song that we learnt was to be sung in a group of 5 people.

The final stage of this activity was to perform our song in front of parents, teachers and other students. I was really nervous for this as I had never really performed anything in front of so many people. The one thing that made me felt less nervous was my team as all 5 of us were new to singing and also we were very good friends. Therefore, there was no pressure from my team.

I think this activity was a success for me as our final performance was very well appreciated by the audience and our mentor gave us a positive feedback too. Another reason why this was a success for me is that I developed new skills in this activity which was my goal from the very beginning. I moved out of my comfort zone by performing on stage. Overall this was a great learning experience for me.


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