Corel Draw_3/16

CAS hasn’t just given me an opportunity to help and serve my society but it has also helped me develop and learn certain skills and new thing like learning COREL DRAW. It helped me make different artworks in my Visual Arts curriculum and also other areas where needed like designing the class logo on the first day of school. I lacked in my sketching skills so i realised that I could probably try a digital medium which could help me to not only make works that are curriculum related but also help me in designing different logo or something.

There were different shortcuts, the software was fun to learn. It felt like everything you imagine in the world, came to reality in just one click on the mouse and keyboard. Representing my ideas through digital medium and expressing it in my own personal way, helped me develop my own skill and thought process by which the message I intended to convey, was being passed on to the audience. I wrote all those shortcuts in my journal so I could remember all of them and now when I look back at those doodles, I realise how important these doodles will be in my coming future if in case I forgot this. In every session, after leaning certain codes and tools, we implemented them on our work and created different small works out of it having our own view and perspective to it.  Colours are always something that i am fond of, so I played with a lot of shades, tints and tones to make my creativity grow wider and open the door to wilder imagination. I finished my course of learning it and also finished my artworks that were to be made by this software. I wondered, where would I now use this software or where would I implement my learning? In the summer holidays, I wasn’t very focused and committed to this activity but as soon as the school started, the same old schedule of designing the class logo and other displays were given to us. Just like last academic year, I opted for designing the logo. From past 1-2 years, we have been drawing and designing it using different chart paper and pens etc. But this time, I thought using a digital medium would give it a unique touch. We, as a group presented our ideas and then worked upon it. Problems and difficulties did come in our way because of the inaccuracy while using this vector-based software. So, we tried with different possibilities and overcomes those problems of filling colour in an object and creating the graphic version of an image. Not only, that, we also used trial and error method to choose the best option for the logo. Here are my few artworks that I did in the corel draw.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.28.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.28.36 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.29.15 PM

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