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I am shasvat solanki and I was born on February 18th 1999, in Bharuch, India. As a person I am very joy full and every one likes my company. I love trying new things and having new experiences.
I love playing sports and that is the reason I like football, table tennis, basketball, badminton, chess and many other games but my main sport is football and chess. other sports are like hobbies to me. I just play them for fun. For football and chess I daily practice and I go for competitions for chess and football.
I recently got selected for my chess states for third time. I am as excited as I got selected for the first time but its hard for me to get selected for nationals.chess and football are my talents and I also enjoy playing chess in my free time with friends. Last year I also got selected of Subroto cup and Mahakumbh. In Mahakumbh our team came on third position.
I once tried to get selected for table tennis but it was not my cup of tea.  
As good I am in sports, I am not in Dance, Drama, Music or Arts. That’s why, I would like to improve this skills and I also love doing arts but I don’t know it’s basics. I did drama for two years in school but it did not interest me. I also learned keyboard for two year in school but the same thing happened like drama and it bored me because learning keyboard was a lengthy process and we had very few classes. Sometimes I am not very much patient and that’s the reason why, I easly loss interest in many things. 
I used to go in drawing classes, when I was small and I loved doing. I was not too good in drawing but it was my hobby but I don’t know why I dropped it. Due to CAS I recently did arts and that interest that I had earlier grow. People said try dancing but it did not interest me. As a person I am a introvert that would be a reason, why I did not liked dancing.
I did not have served many service to people or environment but now I would like to be involved in activities which have more service component. After doing CAS I have learned that, what ever you have, you should be happy with it and always look forward for helping and making a change in society , so my outlook on life have changed a lot. I have been more proactive this days. After doing arts for my CAS, I would like to learn more about arts and I feel passionate about it. My dream is to have a clean and Eco-friendly environment but till now I haven’t taken any steps for it. In future I would like to do something about it.

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