Football Subroto Districts_16/7/15

Subroto Cup Football has always been a tournament the whole team is awaited for. The format of this tournament is a little different from others. Rather than individual players getting selected for higher level, in this tournament, the whole winning team is selected to play at the higher level. What i learnt from this format was that We win as a team, we lose as a team. This one was very special for all of us as this is our last year we will be playing this tournament as the age limitations are there. Very less teams participate in the district level. We cracked this level and now, the whole team is selected for the state level where we will represent our district and face 32 other teams. We will represent Surat Rural District. The tournament was also special because this was our fourth win consecutively in these years. What i learnt in this tournament was, i need to work more on my stamina and endurance. Skills was not a big problem. But dribbling and cutting is something i need to put more efforts as I did not play from a long time. I discovered that i am pretty comfortable playing any position given. District win was not my aim. I aim to win the state level again for the third time as their will be experienced teams and even they must have worked very hard for this. I aim to improve on my fitness and help the team win and crack this stage to reach the national level, where we will represent our state, Gujarat. Football has been a little challenging for me. But, i figured out that i learnt a skills which will also help me in my life off-field, that is being committed to your responsibility and working hard to achieve goals. I go for camps early in the morning and practise the game to improve on my skills. This brings improvement in my game, and that improvement results in the benefit of the whole team. I am usually very aggressive in the game, but football has taught me to keep calm. I got angry, but i did not become violent because that could result in a yellow or a red card which was not something the team can afford. so the ethical implications like rules and regulations were followed by me this year. This way, it also helps me to stay calm in real life situations as well.

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