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My name is Vitan Praful Patel and I am 16 years old.
It is God’s grace that has blessed me with sufficient amount of talents. I am good at studies(basic requirement for survival in IB!), sports, management, administration and leadership. These qualities have enabled me to get through IB as I have honed my raw skills through CAS, EE and IA’s. I also consider myself a good speaker. I credit IB’s components like TOK Presentations, IOC, IOA, FOA for the same. Although I am naturally good at studies, I have discovered my interest in Humanities. Throughout my life, I have been great at subjects like Geography, History, India Studies, Civics, etc. . I am also blessed with a good amount of humor, which sometimes saves me from problematic issues and other times lands me in one.

I am a person who enjoys playing sports, watching movies, eating good food, travelling and so on. I have also learned that I am suited to manage events through IB’s CAS component. I love meeting and hanging out with new people as I am a complete extrovert. I also like reading about current affairs and update myself with general knowledge.
I want to improve my skills when it comes to group work, as sometimes I fail to understand other group members’ perspectives or opinions. I also want to improve my skills regarding sports, as I absolutely love being good at it.
I would like to involve myself in Politics and Public Administration, which are the careers I am looking into. Owing to my respect and love for my motherland, I want myself to be an integral part of the nation’s position in the future.
I think life is what you make out of it. However, I also believe that there exists an Almighty, who possesses the power to change the course of your lives. Putting it across in an analogy, I believe that hard-work is still the key to success, but that little hand support below the lock, is the Almighty.
I think issues that are unsolvable on an individual basis, are the most we feel concerned about. I am passionate about saving the environment, removing corruption, and other societal issues such as gender inequality and female foeticide.
Basically, I want to learn more about the world we live in. I want to know about our ancestors, our lands, our nations, where did we come from, where are we headed, what lies across the horizons and so on.
I always have had a craze for speed and so I have always wanted to try car racing. I hate to admit it but height sends a chill across my spine. I think my dreams start when I am unable to achieve a particular thing. For example, I was unable to cliff jump during a school trip, and that is exactly what I dream of now. I want to overcome all my fears because I know fears are like illusions.


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