A day with Special Kids_6/8/16

Doing a random act of kindness for the society is one of the best feeling ever. In past, I did different service activities but this activity was different than other activities in my CAS portfolio as this was for the first time I spent time with kids with different sort of inabilities. I knew about different NGO and different organisations working for these kind of children but I had never experienced how it was like to spend time with them. Starting with a prayer, I noticed all of these children singing their daily prayers with all their feelings wishing for a happy and peaceful life. I started off my day by learning that happiness isn’t just in good marks you bring or good things you achieve in life. Happiness can be found in such small things like a prayer. And that’s when I knew that there are hundreds of reason to be sad about but always one reason to be happy about and that one reason leads us to have a joyful life. After the prayers we did different activities with these children. As friendship’s day was round the corner, we had an activity with them where they were asked to make friends belts by themselves. So, I taught them how we could do it, and then helped them do it as well. I found happiness in teaching these people and i felt happy to see their zest for learning different new things despite of the negatives they had. I realised that apart from these enthusiasm for learning and finding happiness in small things, what made them the happiest was the feeling of being accepted, the feeling of having different friends. In the current society, these children do not have friends or relatives who visit them, they are confined to certain people only. So, i liked making this change and not only make these people happy, but also to do something better for the society. In all the problem that we encountered was communication and mixing up with them. It wasn’t easy for me to get hold with new people and communicate with them. But then, I learnt doing this with the help of different activities. What I thought was that these children probably have their own flaws but these children are equally capable of achieving pinnacles in life. This experience was a great learning and motivation for me. I learnt that passion and enthusiasm to learn can lead us to great paths in life. Overall, my first experience was very special.


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