Plantation – Cas Reflection

One of the nature clubs in my city decided to organize an event where they invited people to help plant saplings in an effort to combat climate change and increase air quality in the city. I participated in this event as well. This activity gave me the opportunity to contribute in making the world a greener, healthier, eco-friendly place, for which I would like to acknowledge Nature Club for taking us to Kendriya Vidyalay School in Piplod on the 4th of July, 2016. For this event, all the participants had gathered in the morning and tools and saplings were provided to us by the organization. The main job for us was to plough the ground, plant the saplings in them and add soil back to support the plant.


I was very inclined to participate in this activity because of what I have learnt in my environmental system and societies classes. One of our discussions was about how the environment was being destroyed by human activities such as deforestation and this really motivated me to bring a change in our society.


Although the activity seemed really simple and easy to me while registration, during the activity I found out how wrong I was. The activity became really challenging because of the unexpected heavy rainfall. Due to the rainfall everything got really muddy and it also made ploughing very difficult. We had to work really hard to get the water out of the holes we created for saplings. That is when I realised about my responsibility of as a citizen of the place I live in. I couldn’t believe I was contributing in making that location greener. This responsibility made me continue planting more saplings one by one, regardless of the rain.


To conclude, this event not only helped me realise how big changes happen by making small contribution, but also taught me the skill of planting trees properly. I am grateful to Nature Club as they are involving local people to engage in such significant issues of Surat.


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