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Gyming has never been my cup of tea. As in the day of 21st century i never get over with the electronics. But i have alway was in shape. I have never focused about my diet and never cared about it till the time i started seeing its outcome. As i never had energy left due to all those junk intake i was never hungry enough to consume health food. I use to think and have experienced for a month that doing gym exercises are always tiring and time-consuming.  

I tried gyming once before but it never worked as my football coach denied me to do it. As i am bit short in height so my coach told me not to focus my muscle.  I was trying to start gyming once again as My 6 friends were with me planning to do the same activities. It really made the activity less monotonous and more joyful.

The most difficult thing in this task was to wake up early morning. For that needed change my schedule according to it, but it also requires commitment to get out of bed in the early morning although I chose to wake up early. Due to my height i chose a different type of workout i use to do cardio, core and muscle stretching exercises. following this cycle allowed me find out my own strengths and weakness such as after 2 cycles I identified that my abs/abdominal is the strongest region compared to my other body parts therefore I was able to do 50plus sit ups in the second cycle itself and it is an area for further growth. The second most  challenging task was push-ups,it is a challenging task because it requires strength to lift up your own weight although this challenge was overcome by increasing balance and focusing more on my biceps workout on day 1 I did 5 push ups and on day 25 I did 30 push-up although I was committed to work on my weakness ,I committed to myself that I will increase the number of push up done by me although this commitment caused me to use lots of effort and hardwork to achieve my goal therefore it is not easy for me to commit things.

Soon cardio became my one of the major strength i reduced my weight i gained more stamina and could run for 25 minutes straight. This helped me in football majorly i had endurance to survive in the field for a whole game. As my goals were very simple to stay fit and healthy. And i stopped eating junk food for time while i was doing gyming.

I finally completed 4 months of gym training and see good changes in my physique.  I could see a great change in my Football skills due to the gym exercises. Being tiring, lead me to great results in my body.

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