Kabaddi Tournament – Cas Project

In the month of August and September, I planned and executed my project – Kabaddi Tournament. Kabaddi is a traditional sport of India and we invited the students of our school to participate in this tournament with the aim to make this sport more popular and to also encourage unity among the different grades of our school. I organized this tournament with 2 of my friends – Anay and Nikunj. All three of us were already very interested in Kabaddi and but could not play it considering this sport was not popular and therefore we did not had players to play with. To solve the problem we decided to conduct a Kabaddi Tournament in our school. Another important aim behind this project was to be able to raise funds for providing stationary for the underprivileged students in our locality. This was something that all three of us felt very strong about.

As this sport was new for most of the students of our school, we knew that we would have to put extra efforts in marketing of our tournament. This is why we used multiple methods of marketing including word of mouth, posters and online forms. The main challenge in marketing that we faced was creating the poster and making announcements in classes. As none of us had ever created posters before, creating the poster proved to be challenging for us especially because we had different opinions on every part of the poster such as layout and colors. However, we then decided to draft three posters and then take our friend’s help to finalize one. This part of the marketing helped me learn designing posters which after the event I realized was a very important skill as it really helped us get more participants. Another challenge that we faced was lack of confidence while going to classes and making announcements about our tournament. This was because we were not very good at public speaking. We were very nervous before making the announcements, however after we made announcements in a few classes I got pretty confident and was then able to make better and more convincing announcements in classes. Therefore, it helped me increase my confidence as well. Sending online forms to students of all grades not only helped us promote our tournament but also allowed us to make a list of all willing participants. This was the easiest marketing strategy.

Another challenge that we faced during the tournament was that our theory of knowledge presentation’ consultations timings were clashing with out tournament timings. Therefore, during particular matches not all of the three of us were able to be present. However, because we were working collaboratively we were still able to continue with the tournament as the remaining two of us would monitor the matches. Working collaboratively also helped us reduce our workload as all of the tasks were divided among the three. This resulted in a more smooth and efficient functioning of the event.

Through this activity we were able to move a step towards issues of global significance such as empowering girls to play sports and helping in providing education for the underprivileged. For the teams in our tournament we hadkept it mandatory for the captains to choose at least 2 girls in their team of 5 to encourage girls to participate in the tournament. We even had made special announcements in classes to motivate girls to register for the tournament. I was very happy from the result of this when there were 2-3 girls in each team.

We had kept an entry fees of Rs. 100 per player in the tournament and after the end of the tournament we were able to generate a moderate amount of profit. From this profit, we bought stationery like notebooks and pens for the underprivileged students to encourage them to educate themselves and better their lives.

There was an ethical implication in our event as well for us to be completely dedicated to our aims and reasons for starting this activity in the first place and therefore not keeping any profit for ourselves. I felt really proud of myself and my friends after making a difference in the lives of those less privileged than us.







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