Football is my passion and I am playing it from the age of 10. Then I got this opportunity at school to play football as my sport, so I started training. This year I trained hard with some goals in mind and I also achieved some of my goals.

While playing football, and learning new things. I got to know about own strengths and weakness. my weakness was that, I was having trouble in passing and I had to improve my skills a bit. This were the areas of growth for me and I made my goals to overcome this weakness. I had a good stamina, I got to know about me.

Going regularly in each and every class was an issue for me. Being a regular player and being committed to football was hard for me. It was like a challenge for me to be regular and because I was most of the time present on the football field, I learned many new skills like long passes, ball control and etc.

Football is a team game and team coordination is must. Trusting your teammates is must and working elaborately is the key to success that I learn from the training. While I train every class with my teammates I started trusted them and my coordination with the team started improving. After being trained for a long time, results of this hard work were being reflected in my game. My skills were improved than before and my long passed also improved.

The ethical implications were that not to wear a watch or any things on hands, which is a football rule and also for safety for others.

I enjoyed and learned many things form this activity. Also, it helped me to be fit and active in my daily life.

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