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I am Varun Agarwal and I am 16 years old. I was born in Surat, Gujarat and have been here ever since. I prefer listening rather than talking and writing instead of presenting. It is clear from my preferences that I am an introvert.

Being an introvert, I have always disliked talking and meeting with new people. It has repeatedly held me back in life by the ways of stage-fright and limited interaction with people. These drawbacks have often caused me to wonder how my life would have been if I was an extrovert. Although, I do try to push myself to meet with new people and participate more in stage events, I am still a long way from being an extrovert.

I believe that people usually like what they are good at and are good at what they like. This is probably because of the appreciation you get when you are good at something which makes you start liking it and because if you are passionate about something you would work hard for it and eventually get good at it. Hence, my talents and interests are studying Business Management, playing Football and playing video games such as CS and Watch Dogs.

My outlook on life has always been to spend time on whatever you like as much as you want till the point that it does not harms you in the long run. For example, I should play as much Football as I want till the point that it does not invade my study time and harm me in the long run through academic failure.

There are a lot of things that I wish to learn and a lot of questions that I wish to be answered. At many times I have dreamed of having a machine which could answer all of my questions which are left unanswered such as “Is there extraterrestrial life?”, “Do humans have a purpose on Earth?”, “Would time travel ever be possible?” and many other such questions.


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