Teachers day celebration

Teachers are very important in our life as they share the knowledge they have and share it with students like us. Teaching is a type of trait which isn’t present in each and every student. So my friend and I took an initiative to teach student for 2 hour on teachers day. We were allotted grade 4 attitude.

The difficult part of the task was to maintain the class decorum. As kids wanted to play but we had to teach so to have a win-win situation for a day we made them study for whole 2 hours. They were troublesome and hard to handle and at this point of time i thought about how interestingly our teachers use to manipulate us to convince us to study. From this thought i decided that to make the learning creative and enjoyable we made them play an activity on their current unit migration. The activity was more of a quiz roulette where person fails to answer he need to do a dare which class decide. In this part of time communication skills and coordination with my friend was must and we were able to do it.

While teaching i was able to explore a skill that i consist was communication, I was able to communicate appropriately with the students as we need to make them feel as their teacher and to do so patient was an another challenge. It feels good to know that you possess skill which will help in future especially in my near future for my English exam IOC. Although it very important for a person to know his/her strength or weakness because it allows you to analyse yourself and helps you to know the areas which you are good at and areas where you need to work on.

After an hour kids were getting distracted and the interest level went down. Even Spontaneous act were must as after a hour of roulette student interest were shifting. On that point of time we gave them a break for 5 min and find a possible that could make the participating in class activity increases. This is where our Spontaneous act with creativity comes into picture as we used math where they were learning fractions make them use the math to get correct answer for multiple choice questions which we wrote on the board. This also test our capability of the patient and tolerance. As kids made a chaos out of the class in the end. After the constant 2 hour tolerance test i had especially had a sign of relief.

Now we know that teaching is much harder job than it seems to be, it’s hard to tell that how teacher deal with us, hats off to them .cas

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