CAS Essay!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart – Helen Keller

C A S. where do I start from? You know what, the BEST part of doing IB was CAS. I would have left Diploma and opted for course, but the ONLY thing that stopped me from opting for course was and is, CAS. It’s what I love doing at any point of time. Because it’s not just the activities that we are doing, but also the life experience we get from it and the memories that follow down the lane. This component is a package full of new discoveries and adventure. It has taught me things for the very first time in my life. It has made me more independent and it has changed my perception for the world I’m surrounded by. Alongside learning new skills, CAS has helped me know more about myself. It has helped me develop to be a better human being. CAS has lot aspects that I undertook as a learner and that I effectively achieved them. To the places that we visited, unexpectedly taught me to be an open-minded and a confident person. I take in pride by saying that ‘CAS will always be the heart’ for me than any other subject of IB.

C A S was a turning point in my life where it helped me excel in the entire process of planning, taking opportunities, expectations, challenges, progress, and finally leading to personal growth. In this essay I will be talking about the most memorable moments I had in my entire CAS period.


There have been a lot of ups and downs but I always told myself that “If I have started this, I am going to end this”. This always motivated me to complete my CAS activities. Like, while I was doing my CAS project, we used to work for hours and I used to get exhausted, but I was very keen and determined for my work. I and my teammates never gave up. We kept doing our work till the event day and at the end all our hard-work just paid off, specially when I could see thousands of children and young ladies smiling and riding a bicycle. I can’t express, how heartwarming it was. On the other hand, organizing creative mela for kids was different experience in all. Because, while planning activities for them I really had to place myself in their position to experience whether they will really like it or not. After the event, when I asked them how they felt, they all were SMILING and they thanked me straight from their hearts. The little ones never fail to be the most adorable and loved ones to work with and creates memories with.  

All the events that I took part in or the ones that I organized, have taught me to be a better person for tomorrow. I think I am proud enough to say now that, I can challenge and take risk in life to achieve what I dreamt of.

Activities like sports tournaments are also imperative as they yield something much more than medal, they yield experience. I believe that experience and success have a cause and effect relationship and learning to lose once is a healthy practice. Personally, I believe learning to survive daily is of more prime importance that to be winning.

Plus, working for the underprivileged and helping in planting trees, has taught me a lesson that, One day wherever I may be, from all that I’m going to earn, I’m ALWAYS going to keep some percent of the profits for the betterment of the society. Contribution doesn’t just mean donation but also the skills that i posses. CAS has taught me, about the world that surrounds me. Because we have got the privilege to be a part of this world, we should always contribute for a better tomorrow. CAS has helped me change my mindset that trying something for the first time is not a threat but a challenge that will lead to an experience of a lifetime full of discoveries. Discovering my secret possessions, which will help me know myself and help me perform better in life. Anyways, if I’m asked to replace CAS with another name, I would replace it with “LIFE”.

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