Cooking? “If an architect makes a mistake, he grows ivy to cover it. If a doctor makes a mistake, he covers it with soil. If a cook makes a mistake, he covers it with some sauce and say’s it is a new recipe” – Paul Bocuse

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I never liked cooking; I am not lazy but for me cooking was something that didn’t interest me any day. However I took cooking as a challenge and tried learning it. In an entire 1-year course, I learnt how to cut vegetables, few starters and some items from the main course. Gradually, I developed interest in cooking, because after cooking – we got to eat all the good food. 😛 In Fact, cooking is one of my favourite leisure time activities now. It’s difficult for my parents/friends to digest the fact that I can cook GOOD or EDIBLE food.

img_0629 As, in one the cooking classes in school, my ma’am asked me to make lemonade and I thought that ya it’s going to be easy to do so. But while  I was making it, inspite of adding more sugar I had added more salt. I shall not tell how it tasted, but it surely looked like surf excel mixed in water. 😛 But, this incident in fact made me realize my perception towards cooking being easy, whereas I have now realised it that it’s the most difficult activity. I think when I cook it requires a lot of attention, concentration into what/how I’m doing and the safety measure to be taken care of. Cooking has helped me also realize that it one important thing that an individual should know. Plus, it is going to help me when i go out of home for further studies, at least i will be able to survive on my own;independently. Cooking is now one of my strengths. Below are few of the food items that I indulged in, in the past few months.


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