CAS Essay

CAS was overall a very enjoyable learning process for me. It allowed me to learn important life skills such as management and working collaboratively which would have otherwise been difficult to learn.

CAS has created a lot of memories for me throughout the course of these 18 months. The first activity that comes to my mind when I think about CAS is the monologue competition in which I participated. This activity required me to go out of my comfort zone and perform a monologue on stage in front of other students. I believe that this activity really helped me grow by decreasing my stage fright and increasing confidence.

CAS taught me a lot of things. The most significant of which is the importance of planning. It taught me how with proper planning even the most difficult and complex tasks become easy and simple. CAS also taught me how important it was to be a risk taker. Through activities such as the monologue competition I realized taking risks gives opportunity to grow.

By engaging in CAS activities, a lot of times I was required to try new things which made me explore my potential and skills. It helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses. I realized that with a decent amount of practise I am able to perform well on stage and that I am am able to work collaboratively. I even came across some of my weaknesses such as not being punctual and not managing time properly.

Although CAS was extremely fun, I did faced a few challenges while completing it. The most difficult task was taking time out for activities. With all the internal assessments and extended essay I sometimes faced difficulty in allocating the required time for my CAS activities. The most difficult learning outcome for me to achieve was LO6 – “Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance”. The main reason for this might be because I preferred engaging in activities which relate to local issues rather than global issues.

Even though I am done with CAS, I would still definitely keep doing CAS activities. I would try to apply my learnings from the CAS component to all further activities in which I would engage in.

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