Tree Plantation in Janki Van

The first experience of CAS trip was exciting. This trip was a jollification, adventurous and a place where we have never been to. This trip was much more different then I had in my entire life, in this trip we were introduced to the newly artificial forest, made by indian government.

Learning outcome 2: Planting hundreds of samplings is definitely not a piece of a cake. Small plants had to be planted in the hole which was previously made by the local workers, it was very hard to just put that one plant in the dug because the plant was very delicate one mishandling, even one crack on the mud could lead to breakage of the whole sample. It was that delicate. So there I learned how to correctly handle the sample, after 2-3 breakage it turned out an to be not so hard task.

Learning outcome 5: As this activity is so much relating to gardening which many people do it at their houses, working in team had a benefit of sharing ideas and techniques to make the work easier and in team dividing the work- one for bringing the samples, another for planting and the last one to pour mud over the plant giving a finishing. I reminisce on part where we had to dig and take mud from one place to another using a tool, this is where I had a skill to use the tool properly and effectively.


Learning outcome 6: deforestation, a major cause of rise in greenhouse gasses where Carbon dioxide a leading source of rise in earth temperature, To work upon this we planted the trees to reduce the levels of harmful gasses which will help millions of people in the future. The plastic taken out from the sample was put in a particular place which is specially made for it so by this I took an appropriate decision not to harm the planet.



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