CAS Essay

These two years of diploma were amazing, with a lot of CAS activities, including physical activities and others. I have done a lot CAS activities this as well as last year, but the best activity that I have ever done is football, I have been passionate for football since I was 8 years old. Also, I have learnt a lot of things this academic year, especially football. Football was the sport that i chose as my physical sport.

I have learnt a lot from CAS, as it is the only thing, where we don’t have to study and its more physical, or where we don’t have so much stress. We have a lot of requirements for CAS, that’s what makes us do a lot of work for CAS and learn a lot of things from it. We have seven learning outcomes in CAS, and that is how we learn things. CAS teaches us to take risks, because when we organize an event, there is no guarantee of it being successful, and sometimes we have to risk money as well. We have CAS reflections, where we reflect about our CAS activity experience, it contains evaluating their skills and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. It makes us good communicators as well, because we need to communicate to people, if we want our CAS project to be popular. Basically IB learner profile links to the learning objectives, CAS and CAS reflections.

I have identified a lot of strengths and weaknesses in a lot of fields. CAS helps us to explore all the aspects of different activities, except studies, but other fields as well. I also came to know how others deal with their problems, and others’ weaknesses and strengths as well, because they had CAS too. I had never organised an event or anything else, so that was a really big challenge for me. I was very shy and was not good at communicating with people.

Different activities helped us to explore different aspects of CAS, and we explored our abilities through it, one my classmate had never organized anything, she organised an event and identified her strength and now that is her future career. I have had a lot of difficulties during CAS. First of all, in the beginning i didn’t know the types of activities I am supposed to do. We were asked to list down all the activities that we could do, I didn’t write any, so it was difficult to think about new activities. Then I had difficulties in writing all the CAS reflections as well, they need a lot of evidences and a very nice presentation of your experience of the CAS activity. We have CAS advisors, who helped me and my fellow classmates, they were the ones who were supposed to check our CAS reflections and look after all the activities done by the student. Also, they would help us with project work, by giving suggestions and supervising the project.

Learning outcome 6 was the most difficult learning outcome to achieve for me. This learning outcome says that “Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance”. Not all activities have global significance and most of the activities are related to my country. It was really hard to find an evidence and explain it for learning outcome 6, but then i started thinking about the most common things I do, like playing football and wrote about the global significance, which was correct.

My CAS experience has been really great and I would like to continue this kinds of activities, which could help others. CAS really helps us to think beyond studies and makes all of us helpful to each other, which will continue and make world a better place. CAS experience has been great this year, and I will miss all the fun I had during these activities.

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