Plantation activity

I now understand the saying- until you experience it you don’t actually know it. Having never done plantation before, I thought that it was an easy task. I mean there was hardly anything to be done other than digging a hole, keeping the plant in it and filling it again. I did not realize how wrong I was until I actually experienced it. Me along with some of my friends took up the challenge to experience a day in the life of all the workers in Janki Van. We reached Vasnda and divided into two groups,  each of which would go to different places and plant mehendi plants. All of us were drenched in sweat within the hour, our city bred selves couldn’t handle the intense heat and the extensive work. I got to know how hard the workers there had to work to earn a day’s meal.

Apart from planting trees I also learned about the importance of doing what they did at Janki Van. I already knew that our enviornment has been degrading day by day but never did I take a step forward to do resolve this issue. I realised that I had to start acting on these issues instead of just being aware of it.

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