Math-Science Trivia

You must do the very thing you think you cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt

dscn0336The Fountainhead senior school Math-Science inter-house quiz was conducted on 25th of April, and students from Diploma 1 chose to volunteer as quizmasters. I had never participated in such events in senior school, but this year due to an opportunity given to me to take over the quiz show; I was overjoyed at the idea of conducting this event. We were a group of 4 people who conducted the quiz event for Grade 9 and Grade 10. Through this activity I wanted to enhance my own math and science skills plus share my knowledge with my juniors. So, about how the quiz proceeded – there were 2 rounds in which both the grades had to participate mandatorily to give a test and whomsoever won went to the second round. Here for the final round only 2 teams from each grade of all the houses were present.

Here, few of my strengths like, working collaboratively and having good research skills were showcased. I think i worked pretty hard while searching questions for the tests and the final presentation, as I made sure I put my best efforts for this activity. However, I think I was not confident enough, as we were also supposed to host the quiz. But, trying to motivate myself and having helpful co-event partners helped me boost my confidence. plus, because there were like 150-200 students it was difficult for us to manage this huge crowd. However, we asked the teachers to split in the entire auditorium so that there were no chances of chaos left.

dscn0361 dscn0323

For how the activity was planned, the four of us divided the work between us so that it is easier and less time consuming for us. Plus, for the presentations and the tests that we made, we were supposed to get it cross-checked from the teachers and many a times it was inconvenient as the teachers and us were not free at the same time. Moreover, it was difficult for us to search questions that were from the syllabi of these two grades. But, at the end we worked though it quite well and the event was satisfying and pleasing enough.

For this activity, it was VERY IMPORTANT for us to be ethical, while taking the test and presentation. Few of the questions were taken from the internet and few from our prior knowledge, so it was mandatory for us to make sure that we site all the sources. Plus, while hosting the quiz, in the presentation round, I was marking down their points. Therefore, I had to make sure that I marked and summed up their total properly.

Overall, I think i learnt a lot of new things through this activity. My stage fear and time management skills were improved, whilst my research skills were appreciated. So, I think all that i learnt is going to help me in my near future.


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