Activity 2: Attending Garba Classes

Dancing is something I have always loved. To attend Garba classes has been my dream since a long time. After attending garba classes, I have always felt rejuvinated and fresh. I believe it is really difficult to manage school time with garba time. I managed to attend the class at 7:30 to 8:30 pm for about 3 months, starting from July 2015.

I have always been passionate about dancing. I have won many prizes for dancing, and therefore, I have been confident about dancing since a young age. These classes helped me in my developing my previous dancing skills. Moreover, learning such a dance form has taught me how to express beautifully. I have improvised on the way how I danced on every beat. Attending garba classes, so far has been the second best thing about Navaratri Festival. The first best thing is undoubtedly going to different places, and play Garba. I would like to credit these classes for my grace in dancing. I’ve started enjoying dancing more than ever. Dancing continuously (specially Garba) requires a lot of stamina and endurance. Collaboration plays a significant role here. Unless a person doesn’t coordinate with the people around her/him, it is very likely that everybody will bump into each other. Thus, having perfect coordination with ever is a must.

Garba is all about dancing, sharing happiness and enjoying with the colourful lights surrounded by us. This form of dance gives me pure satisfaction and contentment.

It eventually hepled me maintain my fitness, and also gave me the opportunity to dress up beautifully by allowing me to wear traditional garba clothes, also known as, ‘Ghaghra Choli’.

Some beautiful moments:


Dancing in the ‘Garba Fest’ held at school on the 10th of October, 2015

Below are the glimpses of me doing garba at the “Surat Tennis Club”


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