Reflection 6: Football

Eat, Sleep, Play Football

This was my daily routine. I am really passionate about football. It’s really difficult to imagine a week without playing football. This is the only sport that I can play “anywhere” at “anytime” and the most important thing with “anything”. I believe that the most important thing in sports is     DDD- Dedication, Discipline and Determination. I also that sports has taught me to be humble. When I was in 10th grade, I had the final examinations after a week and I was so depressed, that I almost gave up and I didn’t want to give the examinations, but it was the athlete in me that gave me the strength.

I came to know a lot of weaknesses as well as strengths. I felt really good that I came to know all my strengths and weaknesses, because I got to learn a lot from the mistakes that I made. I had a weakness of not passing the ball or just playing solo, which to leads to my strength that I have really good skills, which helps me to score a lot of goals for my team, but sometimes it doesn’t work. It is really important to know the weaknesses and strengths, because after that you know the things on which you need to work on and the ones you need to enhance.

I always think that football was really challenging, but it is not anymore, but it always used to prove me wrong. I always try to learn new skills and try to control football in the best way possible. I have a really nice habit to overcome my weaknesses or challenges by just practicing and practising.

Football is all about the teamwork. Working collaboratively is one of the key components in football. I was really bad with passing and teamwork, I learnt this skills from all the PS classes.

We played all the matches according to the rules, which are followed worldwide and all the training sessions, drills,etc.


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