Reflection 7: Teaching

According to me teaching is the most difficult job that you can ever have. I always think, that why do people love teaching. So, actually Aarsh and I were given a topic, which we had to teach to the entire chemistry class. This was done because many students were absent, when Aarsh and I were present, so for our revision and teaching other students, we had this teaching activity.

I was actually scared for this teaching session, I had no personal experience of teaching, but later when I started teaching I got to know that sharing knowledge is actually fun. It was really a big challenge, because I am not academically as smart as others students are. The main challenge was to answer the questions asked by our classmates. They have their different ways to perceive knowledge, which arose different questions. I discovered that I have a good board work.

I spent half a day at home to actually plan the entire chemistry class. It was really planned well by Aarsh and I. It was really difficult handle most of the students, as they had many questions. Answering questions was really difficult, but we tried our best and gave answers and to the questions that were out of topic, we asked them to ask it to the chemistry teachers.

Aarsh and I planned out the entire chemistry class together and taught together, so that each person gets a specific amount of time, to prepare for another lecture. It was successful. We followed the entire teaching method, with the introduction and conclusion. So we did not skip anything and it was a good revision for us and a good lesson for our classmates.


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