Reflection 8: Organ Donation

U-turn is an event, which is held every weekend at different places. This act was prepared in a very short period of time. We planned an act and the shared the entire script with everyone. We never practiced it with everyone.

The acting was a big challenge for all of us, we had never acted in public. The most difficult challenge was to act seriously, which quite hard when you are with your friends at 7 o’ clock in the morning. Also, the message we were trying to give to the audience and make them believe about the current situation was really difficult.

We had not planned it really well, but we planned our script pretty well, as far as acting is concerned, we were confident about our acting skills in the beginning, but then we understood the real challenge was acting. This was a serious act and we were split into the ones, who are going to act and others are going to be the voiceover.

I am scared to act in front of people or present anything in the front of people, especially this is the time the audience was not even known, there is a road, where people walk and they see everyone performing.

This act was made by us and performed by the same people, which made it quite easy, because everyone knew, what they were supposed to do and how they were supposed to act.

We were spreading awareness about the organ donation, with the help of this act and all the information we gave about the organ donation. Well, we were not supposed to read our scripts and act, and we had to perform this act for at least 5 times due to different batches of the audience. So the first time we acted with the scripts, but after that, we were confident and acted better and better.

At the end, the act was quite successful and one of the people in the audience recorded our act.

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