Reflection 9: Plantation

This was my first CAS plantation activity, it was held year too. This activity needed a lot of physical strength. It was july and it was raining heavily. We had to come by our own transport. We all were given instructions by the supervisor.

This activity took place in rainy season, so we had to wear raincoats. It was a really messy situation.

The main challenge was not to get dirty and plant the tree without ruining the soil. Using all the tools appropriately. It was really difficult to manage the electronic devices, that we brought to click pictures.

I had never planted a tree in my life, so it was a big challenge for me, and I had many difficulties in reaching to the place, but the time I reached, I started planting trees and helping others. It was really hard work, but I signed up for it and did it.

Even planting need working collaboratively. There were two people per tree, so they worked together to grow a plant.

It is really unethical to cut the trees and this is why we took this initiative to plant the trees. This was a really interesting CAS experience, where we were not supervised by any school teachers, after planting we all went for breakfast.


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