Make a Difference

This activity was about engaging yourself with the special kids. They just need a little effort from us to prove they are indeed really special and that’s what I learned from this activity. My friend organised this activity and asked us to participate,

So I thought to input my effort to teach and get them into activities like cricket or solving the puzzles. Being a well educated student it is my responsibility to teach someone who are not so capable and this activity is where I could demonstrate my skills.

There were many difficulties faced while doing this activity, while playing cricket, teaching the kids how to throw a ball was a difficult task too, but I showed my patience as they need time to develop themselves, so at the end they successfully learned and they had a smile on their face. This where you are called as a competent person and you’ve successfully applied skill while taking a challenge to teach someone something. In this activity the biggest challenge faced was, how to teach this kids? because they are somewhere different and they had to be taught in a different manner than others.

My friends have helped me a lot in this activity by teaching me about how to handle these kids and that’s what helped me while working collaboratively. So taking advice from an experienced person has helped me by teaching something relevant and in a way that the kids could understand too. I’ve put all of my effort in this activity because this is something special and different, I committed to stay calm and wanted to teach them about solving puzzles or playing cricket. Which is a very difficult task to do as the whole is different. screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-9-18-04-pm

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