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Hello! I am Ronak Makwana, and I am 17 years old. I was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra and brought up in Surat, Gujarat. I am really passionate for Football, and I am very good at football too.

I have been playing football from grade 4. My elder brother and sister were both great at football. I remember my sister was also a national level player. Football was not valued much in India back then. Then I started playing football at my home, school and probably everywhere. Watching professionals play and learning from them was always fun. There was a time when I was the only one watching football and knowing some of the football players except Ronaldo and Messi. Then slowly and gradually people were slowly taking interest in football. I went for so many football tournaments, I have played in state level and national level too. We had the best team in Gujarat.

Then to pursue IBDP, I came to Fountainhead school. Still I am interested in football, but there is another sport added to favourites sports too and that was kickboxing, when I joined this school, it had been a year since I joined kickboxing classes. After the first month of school, I got an amazing opportunity to go for Kickboxing at national level. The competition was in Pune, and with my efforts, I won a gold medal.

After joining Fountainhead, my life has changed, really. Academically it has gone worse, but enjoying life has become way better than best. I joined fountainhead last year, but there is so much that I have learnt in this school, this school has given me one of the most awesome moments in my entire life.

I am 17 years old and I still think, according to the things I do at this age I am still 10 years old. LOLwp_20150822_21_12_49_pro

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