Making posters for the Literary fest

Literary and Humanities Fest was something that did not happen before until this year. This year this concept of having an event related to literary and humanities was introduced to the students from grade 7 to 12. This event was a student-led event and consisted of varied activities. All the student were told to select to activities from individual and group activities each. The idea of participating in the events was just not competing, but there were many fun events too. I was very excited to attend this fest and have a new experience. Literature and Humanities Fest was not something that was always done to celebrate something related to language. This fest was a step towards it, and everyone had their doubts and excitement ready for this event that was going to be held. Like, everyone, I was looking forward to this event, and all of a sudden, the event coordinator approached me and requested if I could make some posters to advertise the literary and humanities fest. Considering my art skills, I accepted the challenge of designs the posters and made the poster informative and attractive so that the students have an idea about the details of the event and do attend the event. Making a handmade poster and displaying the same things at various places was not a practical idea for me; therefore, I opted for something that I never had tried before. I decided to make online posters and get them printed so that I don’t have to make the same copies of posters on my own and display them. It was sure that I was good at arts, but now the challenge was designing the poster on the computer, I was not good with the IT skills. So, first I  searched for some good websites where I could create the posters. I finally found one and started designing it. At first it was uncomfortable to create the poster as I wished it to, due to lack of IT skills, still I manage to learn them and made some drafts of the posters. While I got it checked by Mam, she gave her feedback and suggested some changes. The tricky part was to include all the details, manage the font size and Putting the school logo on the poster. Even after all this difficulties I designed a poster with the a little bit help from one of my friends, in understanding the editing process. I never gave up in the process of designing the poster and completed my task. It was overall a good learning experience for me to enhance my skills through IT.


DSC05268 DSC05269 IMG_0121 IMG_0134 IMG_0206

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